How To Use Symmetry in Space Engineers?

Have you played space engineer? It is a cool, open-world sandbox game renowned for creativity and exploration. This sandbox game is all about construction, exploration, and survival in space. A lot of fun awaits aspiring space engineers.

Developers introduced a new feature some time back, symmetry. It is a useful feature when it comes to building stuff. Not many players know how to use symmetry or enable it. 

Therefore, they end up not using the mode at all because of the lack of knowledge. Well, it is not difficult at all, you just have to know a few tricks to work your way around.

How to Use Symmetry in Space Engineers?

In this game, a player has to build space ships, space stations, planetary outposts of various sizes and uses, pilot ships, and other things in order to survive and travel to other planets.

Symmetry mode comes in handy in a variety of ways as it cuts the building times shorter. The symmetry mechanic ensures the automatic mirrored building of a ship. 

The mode is displayed in a translucent plane in either red, green, or blue, as per the coordinate plane being used for mirroring.

Where can you find symmetry mode in space engineer? This mode along with some other building tools is available in Creative Mode. Players can find unlimited resources for building here as well as copying and pasting of ships.

Using Symmetry Mode in Space Engineers

Here’s how you can use this mode, firstly, select a plane that is to be mirrored.

  • Get a block ready to place on the spaceship.
  • Enable symmetry mode with its default hotkey (default: N) to get to work.
  • Hit the symmetry mode hotkey (default: M) several times to cycle through the axes. Keep pressing it until you get to the right axis you want to mirror.
  • For the axis that needs to be mirrored, select between regular planes or offset planes. Regular planes fly through the center of the rows of blocks whereas Offset planes run along the edges of the block. Choose between the two options for each axis.
  • Aim at the location where the player has decided to set the mirror point and hit LMB click to enable a plane.
  • If the player wants to mirror multiple axes, repeat the 3rd and 4th steps to mirror more than one axis.
  • Keep pressing the Default M hotkey until you are back in the placement mode. This mode only has mirror planes that the player activated. The block ready to place on the ship will be seen duplicated. Press LMB click to place the block.

With symmetry hotkey, the players cycle through several modes, including

  • Center-of-block-red 
  • Edge-of-block-red
  • Center-green
  • Edge-green
  • Center-blue
  • Edge-blue
  • Placement Mode

Multiple axes can be activated simultaneously but of a similar type, either regular or offset.

Enabling Symmetry Mode

If you have decided to mirror planes, them being set alone would not do the job to activate symmetry mode. There is a specific hotkey used to enable this mode, N. Hit the default key to enable or disable the symmetry mode.

Removing a Symmetry Plane

Removing a symmetry plane can be done in three easy steps

  • Follow steps 3 and 4 and keep pressing the hotkey (M) until you get to the active axis and type of plane.
  • Press RMB click anywhere to disable the plane.

In Summary

The symmetry mode significantly reduces the building time. This short guide will help you navigate your way through the symmetry mode and build planes and ships faster. It is easier to enable and disable with just one default hotkey, N.