Whether you are in the private or public sector, JACOB | MARTIN can help you realize the benefits of an AdvantaGIS Geographic Information System (GIS) and the use of spatial data.  When properly implemented, a GIS can provide your organization with asset management, facilities management, and information tracking.  After your data is properly collected and stored, you will be able to realize the benefits with various mapping technologies (Internet mapping, mobile mapping, and visualization) and different analytical methods. Our team can help your organization leverage existing data sources or business workflows.  AdvantaGIS can equip your decision makers to make those critical planning decisions and assist with the monumental task of asset management.  Let our team of GIS professionals put you on the map!

GIS Development

  • GIS Upgrades
  • GIS Maintenance
  • New GIS Implementations
  • GIS Needs Assessment

Database / Information Management

  • Asset Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Data & File Conversions
  • Data Maintenance
  • Database Design
  • Data Collection


  • General Mapping
  • Internet Mapping
  • Mobile Mapping

Geospatial Analysis

  • Economic Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Research & Modeling