WHAT IS IT? Adaptive reuse in architecture refers to the practice of repurposing old or existing buildings for new uses, rather than tearing them down and building something new. This approach focuses on preserving the historical, cultural, and architectural...

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Unveiling the Power of Land Development

Land Development engineers are often hard at work behind the scenes of a myriad of development projects; from a new residential neighborhood, a new gas station or hotel, or even a renovation of an existing school or restaurant, a land development engineer has been...

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JACOB | MARTIN – Field to Finish Surveying

Jacob | Martin relies on its Surveying Department to gather almost all the field data necessary to design plans and concepts for our clients. The most common method of surveying utilized by Jacob | Martin is Field to Finish Surveying.  Field to Finish...

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TWDB Funding Opportunities & How We Can Help

Relationships are a pillar of JACOB | MARTIN. We value communities both small and large. We want to hear about your needs and desires and are committed to finding efficient solutions to ensure prosperity in your community. Our Municipal Services team is passionate...

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How To Use Symmetry in Space Engineers?

Have you played space engineer? It is a cool, open-world sandbox game renowned for creativity and exploration. This sandbox game is all about construction, exploration, and survival in space. A lot of fun awaits aspiring space engineers. Developers introduced a new...

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How Long is an Architecture Degree?

Do you know architecture is not just challenging but the longest degree as well? Most of the students believe that it takes forever to become an architect. Well, that is because architecture is a creative, diverse, and ever-changing subject and a profession. So, it...

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How Much Does Landscape Architecture Make?

Landscape Architecture is the amalgam of art and science to create standout structures. It is a growing field and the employment opportunities of this occupation may grow by 6% by 2026.  Landscape architects design, plan, and manage land and outdoor areas like parks,...

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How Much Do Design Engineers Make?

People with inquisitive nature, a creative side, and technical aptitude tend to become design engineers. Before choosing a career path, it is only natural to research the required qualification, career plans, and remuneration. Jobs in engineering fields are quite...

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Why Do Mechanics Hate Engineers?

Mechanics and engineers work side by side. Engineers design and mechanics use their knowledge and skill to complete a project. Both mechanics and engineers have to contribute and sometimes even be cooperative with each other to bring an idea to life. However,...

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