How Much Does Landscape Architecture Make?

Landscape Architecture is the amalgam of art and science to create standout structures. It is a growing field and the employment opportunities of this occupation may grow by 6% by 2026. 

Landscape architects design, plan, and manage land and outdoor areas like parks, residential developments, campuses, gardens, cemeteries, commercial centers, etc.

It is a high-paying job, even employees working in low-paying states are earning a handsome amount. Some states offer higher rewards whereas others don’t. Here’s a breakdown of an average landscape architect’s salary.

How Much Does Landscape Architect Make?

A landscape architect gets a decent salary, bonuses, and additional benefits. The compensation of landscape architects is different from state to state. 

As per the statistics, the current average salary for a landscape architect in the US is $93,800. However, this average salary is not consistent across all countries or US states.

This is a high-paying job and a quite important position in many organizations. Even the lowest-paying states offer landscape architects over $20,000 salary. 

    • Salary Range – The salary range of a landscape architect falls between $78,100 and $108,000. This salary range varies significantly depending on several important factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years.


  • Bonus and Commission – An architect can earn an annual bonus ranging from $750 to $10,000. The annual commission may make $2000 to $28000 per year.


Salary of Landscape Architects According to Experience

A number of years an architect has spent in the profession matters more than you anticipate. The more experienced an architect is, many organizations would want to hire him at a higher compensation.

Education level, experience, and training can be determining factors when it comes to the salary of an employee.


  • Entry Level – An entry-level landscape architect just entering the field with less than a year of experience can earn an estimated salary of $49,146.
  • Early Career – Landscape architects with less than five years of experience will be expected to get average total compensation of $54,075.
  • Mid Career – Mid-career Landscape Architects with less than 10 or 5-9 years of experience can make an average income of $63,723.
  • Experienced – Employees in this field with 10-19 years of experience can earn more or less $73,408. 
  • Late Career – Architects with over 20 years of experience will be paid an estimated salary of $81,147.

How Much Does Landscape Architecture Make


Top 5 States with Highest-Paying Salaries For Landscape Architects

A few high-end companies in some states are paying their valued landscape architects more than $100,000. If you want to earn the most money in this career, try moving to any of the following states


  • California – Considering the state’s already high median household income, California tops the list where architects can make the most money. In this state, the average salary of a landscape architect is over $89,570.
  • Connecticut – Connecticut grabs the second spot with the annual landscape architect remuneration reaching over $87,660.
  • Virginia – Followed by Virginia where the landscape architects are paid more than $85,880 annually.
  • New York – Here, landscape architects can earn more or less $82,510 per year.
  • Wyoming – Landscape architects in Wyoming are earning more than $79,650 a year.


Additional Benefits 

Besides basic pay, they also get other forms of compensation and incentives. While negotiating salary, the landscape architect can negotiate about the perquisites as well.

  • Paid leave (sick, holiday, parental)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Professional memberships
  • Housing
  • Medical bill reimbursement 
  • Paid training
  • Insurance 


Landscape Architects are responsible for designing and overseeing spaces for residential, commercial, and public use. This is a lucrative job position with a handsome salary and many incentives. 


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