How Much Do Engineers Make in Texas?

It seems quite lucrative to choose a career path in engineering. There are many highest-paying engineering jobs in terms of salary and growth potential. 

Salaries in Texas and California are quite high, therefore, it can be a better place to start your engineering career. Engineers in Texas can earn more annually with other benefits.

Many engineers want to move to Texas to get better jobs. Before changing jobs, it is important to get information about the average engineer salary in Texas.

How Much Do Engineers Make in Texas?

Engineering jobs are often high-paying with several additional benefits. The person being employed as an engineer in Texas can earn more or less $97,600 annually. 

The lowest salary range starts from $44,900 and can go up to $155,000. Some high-end companies are paying their engineers more than the highest salary range.

It depends on the location, experience, skills, qualification, and certification. For instance, engineers with 1 to 2 years of experience may earn $51,000. Engineers with 5 or 10 years of experience will earn more and may cross the $100,000 mark.

How Much Do Engineers Make in Texas


Engineer Salary Range in Texas

Engineer salary varies drastically depending on different factors and organizations. Though the accurate salary can not be estimated for sure, the average estimate can give you an idea. 

Like every other job, the salary of an engineer also has a maximum, minimum, and median range.


  • Salary Range – The minimum average engineer salary starts from 44,900 USD. On the contrary, the maximum salary is about 155,000 USD per year in Texas.
  • Median Salary – Median salary indicates the middle value in a set of salaries and divides the employees into two equal groups. The median engineer annual salary stands at $105,000. It means that 50% of the engineers in Texas are earning less than the said amount whereas the rest are earning more than $105,000. Most people would want to be on the right side of the graph.


If the engineer is earning more than the minimum and median salary, it means that he is doing well. The aforementioned figures are average of the engineer making in Texas, it can vary significantly depending on various elements.

Average Engineer Salary Distribution in Texas

The engineer salary distribution will give you more clarity regarding the remuneration. As per different statistics, about 25% of the engineers in Texas are making less than $67,700. Whereas, 75% of the engineer are earning more than the aforementioned figures.

Additional Benefits For Engineers

Engineers in Texas or worldwide are also facilitated with additional benefits. These common benefits include food, housing, transportation, flexible schedule, parental leave, and insurance (disability, health, life, vision). 

Engineer Salary Distributed By the Years of Experience

In Texas and other states, experience plays a crucial role in determining the salary. An engineer with less than two years of experience makes about $51,000 annually.

The salary is expected to be 68,100 USD per year for an engineer with two to five years of experience. An engineer having 5 to 10 years can earn up to $101,000 per year.

Expert engineers with experience of 10 to 15 years can land an annual salary of $123,000. Whereas engineers with experience spanning between 15 to 20 years can make up to $134,000.

Final Thoughts

In brief, the aforementioned figures can be taken as general guidelines as they are averages of numbers. Engineer salary and yearly increments vary based on education level, experience, location, gender, skills, and contribution to the success of the organization. Engineering jobs are one of the highest paying roles and about 62% of engineers in the US are satisfied with their salaries.

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