Cost of Structural Engineer For Load Bearing Walls

If you are planning on remodeling your home, you will definitely need the help of a structural engineer. They are experts who calculate load and figure out how your home’s walls, foundation, roof, and structure will handle their weight. From simple inspection, renovation to building enormous structures, these specialized engineers are needed for a variety of projects.


In some cases, even adding or removing load-bearing walls requires the help of a structural engineer to determine its impact on the overall house structure. An expert should be called for inspection before finalizing the decision. 


There are a lot of benefits of tearing down an internal wall to create an open floor plan or add resale value. However, this decision should not be rushed and taken after considering all factors. Most people are hesitant to hire an expert because of the added expense but it’s important for the structure and safety of the homeowners.


Cost Of Structural Engineer For Load-Bearing Walls

On average, the cost of a structural engineer is anywhere between $500-$2,000. The minimum and maximum costs to hire a structural engineer are $300 and $20000 respectively. However, structural engineers charge different amounts for different types of works, for instance, the rate would be different for drawings, calculations, and inspection.


Load-bearing walls need to be inspected before taking them down as these walls support the structural weight of a building. Unlike a non-load-bearing or curtain wall, its function is not only to divide rooms. The possibility of potential life-threatening collapse is evident in some cases if the structural work is done without a professional consultant. 


At the low end of the spectrum, a person has to pay about $300 to these infrastructure specialists. A structural engineer may charge $150 to $300 solely for the inspection of load-bearing walls.


Hiring Structural Engineer For Load-Bearing Walls

As it is mentioned above, the cost of hiring a structural engineer ranges between $150-$300. This cost varies depending on different elements and the extent of the job. In the following case, you will be paying more than expected


  • If you want more than just an inspection, the charges will definitely be higher. In some cases, the homeowner wants the engineers to draw up a plan apart from the inspection. 
  • Structural engineers residing and working in popular urban locations like New York or Los Angeles will also demand a higher price. These areas have a higher cost of living and more building regulations, so, it is common for them to ask for more. The cost of a structural engineer varies depending on the location.


Making any changes to the load-bearing wall is a big decision and should not be taken without consultation. A lot is riding on this move, so, hire a licensed, professional engineer for advice and suggestions.


If you plan to add, move, or remove a load-bearing wall, structural engineers help devise a plan of action while ensuring the structural stability and integrity of the home. Moving or removing a load-bearing wall without any recommendations can be risky and damage the house structure. 


Care should be exercised when moving a load-bearing wall as it is responsible for the building’s weight. With curtain walls, there is nCost of Structural Engineero need for many suggestions.


Structural Engineering Fees

Factors like total project hours, the scope of work requested, type of structural engineering services, and location influence the price charged by the engineer. When it comes to moving or knocking down a load-bearing wall, the fee may include



  • Inspection – The structural engineer thoroughly inspects the wall to figure out first if it’s bearing any load. Upon examination, he will determine the impact of the wall gets moved or removed. Finally, the engineer will tell if it would be good or bad for the building’s structure.
  • Drawings – Some homeowners want the professionals to do the necessary drawings and devise a plan as to how it would be done. This surely adds to the overall cost.
  • Project Management – Though these types of services are reserved for larger projects but if you hand over the responsibility of moving or removing the load-bearing walls, the fee charged will be higher. 
  • Location – The area where you live impacts the structural engineering fee. Expensive cities have higher rates than rural areas. 
  • Consultation – No many people know engineering consultation is usually charged by the hour. Before you sign up for any services, they will give you all the information about their hourly, daily, and weekly rates. 



The hourly rate of a structural engineer fluctuates between $100 to $200. The more services and time you will demand, the higher you would have to pay.


Final Words

The cost of structural engineers varies with the services offered. Many online websites are offering such services, you can search them for charges, engineer profiles, past projects, and more. With all the cost estimates, you can easily pick up the services that suit your budget.