JM No. 22586

City of Willow Park – Ground Storage Tank Roof Replacement



PROJECT INCLUDES:     This project consists of the design, construction and installation of either aluminum dome style or steel umbrella style replacement roofs for two existing 0.35 MG and 0.50 MG ground storage tanks, including the removal and disposal of existing roofs.


ESTIMATED COST:            $750,000


BID BOND:                          5%




FUNDING:                           Local


Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS must be ordered online at Orders for CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may include hard copies for pick up, mail out or digital download via Upon verification of online payment, hard copies may be picked up at JACOB & MARTIN, LLC, located at 1508 Santa Fe Drive, Suite 203, Weatherford, TX 76086. Cost for hard copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS will be $100.00.  Cost for digital download of Contract Documents will be $0.00. Contractors must purchase a set of CONTRACT DOCUMENTS to be considered a registered plan holder eligible to bid on the project.


Project Details:

Project No: JM No. 22586

Owner: City of Willow Park

JM Office: Weatherford

Project Manager: Derek Turner, P.E. -- / Kristy Griffis --

Admin Contact: Jodi Strasbourg --

Phone: 817.594.9880

Prebid Date: May 16, 2023 at 10:00 AM - to be held at City Hall, 120 El Chico Trail, Suite A, Willow Park, TX 76087

Bid Open Date: May 25, 2023 at 3:00 PM - to be held at City Hall, 120 El Chico Trail, Suite A, Willow Park, TX 76087

Mandatory Prebid: Non-Mandatory

Select Plan Type:
Planholder’s List:
Company Project Role Name Phone Email
JRM Construction General_Contractor Tyler Godbey (817) 504-4864
Tank Builders, Inc. General_Contractor Kent Kromer (817) 296-2680
The Barry Group LLC Ind Rep of Tnemec Co Supplier Lane Salvato (972) 312-8448
HMT LLC General_Contractor Sean Austin (281) 681-7000
Dickerson Roofing General_Contractor Reggie Williams (806) 994-7417
Tankez Coatings Inc. General_Contractor Delmas Philpot (606) 312-8300
D&M TANK LLC General_Contractor Mario Vela (214) 882-5664
Tank Builders, Inc. General_Contractor Kyle Kromer (817) 510-0160
Texas Roofing Division LLC General_Contractor Juan Guzman (806) 518-4746
Jackrabbit Manufacturing Subcontractor James Buckner (979) 446-0073
Pittsburg Tank & Tower Maintenance Co., Inc. General_Contractor Jordan Pyles (270) 826-9000
Kruger Supplier Chandler Warner (919) 653-5036
Viking Industrial Painting, LLC General_Contractor John Snodgrass (833) 847-8265
JRM Construction General_Contractor Payton Blanchard (817) 307-3863
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