TWDB CWSRF No. 73902 / JM No. 21252

City of Comanche – Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Project Description


Note to Prime Contractors: When working with subcontractors and suppliers by email to obtain quotes, please include the language below in order to meet TWDB solicitation requirements. Please also ask all your potential subcontractors and suppliers to download the free PDF from our website. It is imperative that this language is shared with all parties involved in order for prime contractors to be approved for contract award. Provide proof that this was shared and keep the TWDB-0216 form updated while reaching out to interested parties.

An alternative method of direct solicitation is required if subcontractors and suppliers are not directed to (and download from) our website. If you post on your own company website or in a newspaper, or contact by phone, you must provide proof that the language included below has been published and/or shared with the subcontractors and suppliers. Please see the TWDB-0210 guidance document included with the bid set for further information.


PROJECT INCLUDES:                 Improvements to the Owner’s existing wastewater treatment plant.  This includes removal and replacement of the existing grinder and automatic screening equipment and grit trap systems.  An alternate bid will be taken for removal and disposal of accumulated sludge in Owner’s adjacent sludge drying beds.


ESTIMATED COST:                  Base Bid = $800,000

                                                  Alternate Bid = $525,000  

BID BOND:                                                          5 %




FUNDING AGENCY:                        Texas Water Development Board (TWDB)


Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS must be ordered online at  Orders for CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may include hard copies for pick up, mail out or digital download via  Upon verification of online payment, hard copies may be picked up at Jacob & Martin, LLC., located at 3465 Curry Lane, Abilene, TX 79606.  Cost for hard copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS will be $100.00.  Cost for digital download of CONTRACT DOCUMENTS will be $0.00.  Contractors must purchase a set of CONTRACT DOCUMENTS to be considered a registered plan holder eligible to bid the project.


This contract is contingent upon release of funds from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Any contract or contracts awarded under this Invitation for Bid are expected to be funded in part by financial assistance from the Texas Water Development Board. Neither the State of Texas nor its departments, agencies, or employees are or will be a party to this Advertisement for Bids or any resulting contract. The Owner reserves the right to waive any informalities and to reject any or all bids.


Any contract(s) awarded under this Invitation for Bids is/are subject to the American Iron and Steel (AIS) requirements of Section 608 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. § 1388).


In addition, the successful bidder must ensure that employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual identity, gender identity, national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.


This contract is subject to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program, which includes EPA-approved fair share goals toward procurement of Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) businesses. EPA rules require that applicants and prime contractors make a good faith effort to award a fair share of contracts, subcontracts, and procurements to M/WBEs through demonstration of the six affirmative steps. For more details on the DBE Program and the current, applicable fair share goals, please visit


Project Details

  • Project No: TWDB CWSRF No. 73902 / JM No. 21252
  • Owner: City of Comanche
  • JM Office: Abilene
  • Project Manager: Luke Van Diest, P.E. /
  • Admin Contact: Katy Stryker /
  • Phone: (325) 695-1070
  • Prebid: No Prebid
  • Prebid Date: N/A
  • Bid Open Date: January 25, 2024 at 11:00 AM at Comanche City Hall, 101 East Grand Avenue, Comanche, Texas 76442

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Planholders List

First Name Last Name Company Email Phone Contractor Role 763-3772Supplier
TravisNixOdessa 773-5820Supplier
BrittanySimmonsPrecision Pump 912-5151Supplier
TimReinhardtRhino Industries, Inc.rhinoindustries2003@gmail.com3093370827Sub Contractor
RayDuranNorth America Contractors Incrad@n-a-c-llc.com4322232200General Contractor
DylanHightowerHK Dredging LLCdylan@hkdredging.com12819233708Sub Contractor
ShaneCouncilmanEnvirocon Systems 685-9995Supplier
BretSouthCentex Electric & Controlscentexbsouth@gmail.com3252603572Sub Contractor
HollieAdamsPlanhubhadams@planhub.com5168405343Plan Room
EthanMathisKOPPL Pipeline 995-9835Sub Contractor 383-1757Supplier
GabyVazquezJM Pipeline, LLCgaby@jmutilityllc.com8309531010General Contractor
DurkDeBoerDurk's Farm 485-9822Sub Contractor
BrentMorganMacaulay Controlsbmorgan@macaulaycontrols.com12812820100Supplier
MichaelCoxSpot on Pump and supplyspotonsalesandservice@gmail.com806-803-3089Supplier
nathanfraleyCore and Mainnathan.fraley@coreandmain.com303-877-8079Supplier
GaylanRawdonPump 403-1140Supplier
DColemanTitan Environmental USA, 849-1311Sub Contractor
KevinBerrySherwin Williamskevin.m.berry@sherwin.com2149148819Supplier
AlexO'NeilKingrey Industries, 968-9952Supplier
LisaWelchEverSolve 755-7573Sub Contractor
WillieMosleySCandM LLCwillie@superiorconstructionandmachine.com214-980-6096General Contractor
GeneJones, Jr.Maguire Iron, 334-9749General Contractor
EricFieldsEnvironmental Improvements, 436-2536Supplier
BhaveshPatelAcrologic Automation 243-8692Supplier
JOHNKEYMORRISON SUPPLYjohn.key@reece.com13256583000Supplier
RichardWillisGraybar Electric Companyrichard.willis@graybar.com3257942117Supplier
GregStoneNewman Regency 309-7133Supplier
MattJacksonBenMark Supply Company, 370-2756Supplier
CollisParrishLewis Concrete 428-7625Sub Contractor
ToddNeffTexas Water & Soil Co. 658-8533General Contractor
JoshScovilleKeystone Constructionestimating@keystoneconstruct.com5122886437General Contractor
RobertFrazierPumps and Controlsrobert@pumptx.com18179465274Supplier
GeraldPompaHartwell 350-1398Supplier
GeraldDowningDowtech Specialty Contractors, 893-4684General Contractor
CathyAldrichWWATERTECH, INC.caldrich@wwatertechinc.com9363725272Supplier